Visa to Thailand :- Thailand is a tourist friendly country and a country loved by world. The Visa of Thailand is very easy, if you are planning for a trip to Thailand you should visit your nearby Embassy or consulate, there are around 100+ embassy and consulate worldwide which can assist you in obtaining different kind of visa for your comfortable stay in Thailand.
Flight to Thailand :- All the major airlines around the world is flying to Thailand, Being Bangkok is the main transportation hub, we also have directly flight to domestic destinations like -Phuket, Krabi, Pattaya, Chiangmai etc. Remember one important information when you are flying to Bangkok, specially for those who is taking connecting flight to different domestic destination. You must check your landing airport as Bangkok has got two different airport, 1. Suvarnabhumi International Airport and 2. Don Muang International Airport, when you are flying to Bangkok, make sure you remember airport name to get connecting fight. Most of the domestic flight fly from Don Muang airport and most of the international arrival is coming to Suvarnabhumi airport. A distance between two airport is around 46 Km, although the shuttle service is there to assist but sometime it may take up to 1-2 hours to reach - one airport from other. So make sure you have enough transit time while you book a domestic flight ticket after an international flight. we wish you have a pleasant flight and see you in Thailand soon

Travel to Thailand :- Traveling in Thailand is super easy ……you can expect almost everything when you are traveling in thailand, From Bicycle on rent to motorcycle, car, boat or even Taxi boat, car on hire, Grab Cab, Line Cab, airport Taxi. Getting around in Thailand is super easy, you can travel at your own comfort and budget. Bangkok also have Sky Train, Underground Train, Local Bus Service etc. So when you are planning a trip to thailand just relax do nothing find your own ways or go to our transportation section and order a transfer. We recommend you to take airport transfer with us<./br>
Getting Around :- Bangkok is of-course the best place to visit as it is a capital city, if you want to find everything in short time “Bangkok” is the best to visit and our city of angel have litterally got everything to offer. In case you plan a beach holiday -Thailand has got beautiful Andaman sea and specutacular Gulf of Thailand Sea- So you have dozens of beautiful resort destinations to select, starting from Phuket- the famous resort destinations, you may visit all exclusive Koh Samui, or a diving resort destinations Koh Tao, if you like party “Full Moon Party” at Koh Phangan is having all for you. Pattaya the best nightlife places is something not to miss where night is always alive. Wait Thailand also have a cultural landmark which can inspire the world, our world class city Chiang mai is hill resort with beautiful culture to visit. you may also explore Krabi the beach resort destinations, or Hua Hin which is not even far from Bangkok. Trust me- Thailand have got the best bouquet of destinations at your every occasions, either you celebrate -Birthday or Marriage -everything is just memorable in Thailand. Our package corner has got the some of the best visited package of Thailand. Do not forget to visit and get one.

Weather :- Thailand has got a tropical climate which is just perfect for inbound traveller and inbound tourism. It is blessed with nature so you can you travel almost every time, however it is quite busy from October to March, remember our weather is always pleasent, However we have rainy season, Get your weather forecast before you travel but weather is always nice and we never have extreme cold or extreme hot.

Currency :- We use Thai Baht it is marked at “THB”, We are one of the good currency in Asia. Our value to to USD carry from 30-33 Thai Baht to USD. We strongly use THB in business so, if you wish to travel to Thailand get your Thai Baht Ready. You still do not need to worry if you have got different currency we have money exchange counter at every corner and even our bank will assist you to exchange currency - you just need your passport with you.

Food :- Thai food is so yummy ! that it is even more popular to Thailand. you cannot miss the taste ..it so so so and so nice …., but wait it is ouch…spicy. If you like chilly and specially red chilly — you are landed just at the best of place of world. do not worry also if you do not like chilly you can still try different healthy coconut based curry or seafood and vegetable salad. Thai Salad is popular around the world & Thai sweet is not that sweet. Besides Thai Food, Thailand is an international hub for cuisine, you will find almost everything here from Indian to Chinese, Americans, German.. just name it and you will have all perfect restaurant throughout cities of Thailand. even we have tourist just coming to taste the magic of our food.

Important Place to see:- This one is the toughest to decide what you should see and what’s not ? as we have everything special, however we have selected top 20 products of each destinations and arranged as par the popularity. Visit our destinations page and you will find all top things there, also you can see things to do as par destinations, full day tours sightseeing & experience as par destinations, half day activity, sightseeing, tours, experience, evening activity, sightseeing, tours and experience . However you should try our Royal Palace, Emerald Buddha, Night Market, floating market etc, so you decided your place to see get to our destinations page and you will find almost everything are there.

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